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Boudoir editorial photography Hotel Du Vin, Tunbridge Wells, Kent

Boudoir photography has always been something that has interested me and I have been fortunate enough to photograph some wonderful and very real women. Most of the women I have photographed are mothers like myself and I know only too well that after a day looking after young children it’s easy to forget that beneath the mother is a woman in her own right! When beginning my journey into the world of boudoir I brought with it a clear vision of the type of images I wanted to create for my clients. Images that embraced their womanhood and made them feel empowered. I prefer to shoot from an editorial perspective with an emphasis on beauty and class, creating portraits that are timeless and stylish with a fashion inspired look. I was fortunate enough to photograph the very beautiful Verity at Hotel Du Vin in Tunbridge Wells recently who you see in these images. Verity is an independent mother to three young children and spends much of her day dedicated to their every need! This was a fabulous opportunity to have a much deserved few hours off and experience the equivalent of a mini spa break (only much more fun!). She has never modelled before but her confidence grew throughout the session with gentle posing guidance from myself. Clearly Verity has a figure most of us would die for and especially given she has three gorgeous little boys to keep her on her toes (!) but beauty really does come in all shapes and sizes.

My job as a photographer is to find that beauty that is unique to each woman I photograph and portray it through the lens in a way that she has perhaps never seen herself before.  Bridal boudoir albums are also becoming an increasingly popular gift for brides-to-be to give to their beaus on the night before their wedding day. I have had some wonderful feedback from women whose husbands-to-be were literally awe struck by the beauty of the images they saw whilst also reassured that it was a female photographer that took them!

So whether you are considering giving your man a present for his birthday, wedding gift or simply because you just want to celebrate who you are as a woman right now then please get in touch. I will be happy to discuss with you how I work, pricing and also answer any questions you have and reassure you that no matter what….the end result WILL be fabulous!









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